Welcome, 2016!

I went almost an entire year without blogging... Here is what I learned.

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I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!

For me, I am 'Miss Productively Efficient.' With blogging, you HAVE to be both...

  • And I missed the schedule I made for myself.
  • I still "thought" like a blogger; wrote posts, recipes, craft tutorials, etc. Purchased items that would be "great for blog shoots." 

  • I did NOTHING and I saw my biggest numbers of the 5 years I have been in this world.
  • I saw my own potential... {{Which sounds selfish, but who doesn't want to see this?!}}

While I'm not jumping back in full force, I do want to start with my love of Lara Casey's PowerSheets. What a wonderful creation these are! I am not a inside feely person --- but, these #PowerSheets make you think about those things.... They keep you accountable for what didn't work so well last year, and what did work. They help you gather all your goals and intentions in ONE notebook, and get to work.

My word this year is....

Cheers to a patient year, my Sweet Friends! Oh, how I have missed you! Get comfy this year is going to be wonderful.

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