2015 Blog Planning Tips

Efficiently simple ideas for planning ahead with your blog.

2014 is coming to a close, and 2015 {eeeek!} is quickly approaching! I have tried many, many blog planning calendars, agendas, spread sheets, google calendars, etc. Here's a little insight into the "system" I'm trying for 2015!

I am using the Sugar Paper Gold Polka Dot planner from Target. It's beautiful and pink. And makes me very happy. I am excited to look at this for the 365+ days... I use an Erin Condren for my everyday planning life... Which may sound excessive. But, having my blog life and my real life on the same page in my ECLP was overwhelming. I will put a few blog related things in my ECLP, but not every single item. I like to keep them separate!

The first thing I do when blog planning is spend 30-60 minutes writing down anything and everything I can think about. Anything I think would be a good post, or not so good. If you look at my list, it usually starts out pretty lame, but once those creative juices start flowing, it gets fun and exciting! 

Now, take this list and begin putting them on to sticky notes. I use the small ones, and I do color coordinate them. 

Green is cooking, pink is DIY, teal is party ideas, and purple is organization.

As you can see from the first photo, I didn't start using a color coordinating system. I liked the way a rainbow of colors looked! But, it just wasn't that practical. I like having certain days of the week go with certain categories. Therefore, I needed a little more structure to my planning process. 

My weekly plan is fairly simple:

I like to have the post photographed, written and scheduled a couple days in advance. And, because I know Mondays are Cooking days, I can use the weekend to get that post up. I usually use the recipes from our Sunday lunch, it's really the one day of the week where we have a 'big meal' that is pretty enough to photograph! Wednesdays are DIY days, so Monday is used to get that post ready. Once again, this is usually a project I have going on, and that I need to do. Fridays are Party Idea posts and Saturdays are Organization posts. I'm thinking this schedule will change to a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday posting schedule. But, we will see!

I use my 'most free' days to have office hours where I diligently work on getting multiple posts written. Not all have photographs in them yet, but I like to pre-write a month's worth of posts, then drop the photos/graphics in a couple days ahead of time. For me, it works the best! Write the posts as often as I can, then after the project/recipe/party occurs I can drop the photos in, and press publish!

I also schedule my social media times in this calendar. Most every day from 2:15-3:15 is spent on social media: pinning, Facebooking, and pre scheduling night time items. Keeping up with social media promotions for your blog is HARD WORK. Worth it, but hard! And, it is too easy for me to get lost on Pinterest during this work time, so setting a clock is helpful. I know I have one hour each day to get it all done. I only Facebook on my desktop computer. I do 'live pin' from my phone often. When I am waiting for kids in the pick up line, doctors office, tennis lesson, etc this is not time wasted.

Here's a recap of the Must Have items you will need to start planning your amazing 2015 blog!

Now, with all 'planning systems' this will evolve over time. I'm hoping to get it honed this year, so I know what works best for me, and how best the planner and I work together. 

What are your favorite ways to plan ahead for your blog??

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