Why Social Media is Making Me an Introvert.

I am an extrovert in real life. I can talk to anyone, sell anyone anything, and make friends with everyone. My darling Mama taught us when we were young to speak when spoken to, make and keep eye contact, and always be kind.

Mama learns a strangers whole life story in 0.35 seconds. Maybe not that quickly, but it's an art!

However, with social media in the forefront of out society, it is far more easy to not associate with people in real life. Just talk to them via text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list grows from there!

Facebook has become the new place to complain about motherhood, gloat about your vacations, skills, talents, etc, It is an attention seeking persons joy ride.

Instagram, while I love it, is definitely place to only show 'happies.' A quick way to make fun of something or someone (totally guilty of this…please forgive me.). It doesn't bother me as much as Facebook does.

Pinterest is a place to show off "your" stuff. {And, can we be honest, 99.9% of Pinterest is finding something on there, and copying it???}

Twitter has become a place to berate companies, call out foul play, and down right say things you would never say to someone in person.

I no longer have the desire to make something and share it with the Social World. I am afraid someone will see it and claim it as their own --- that someone will mistake my sarcasm for truth --- that my political views will be taken sans the First Amendment.

I find myself not blogging, I find myself not wanting to do anything creative because I can't keep up!

But! Sweetpea Lifestyle is not about what others think --- it's about what makes me happy!

Planning parties, making dinner for my family, doing creative things with my hands.

During Lent, I am going to be doing SOMETHING creative with my hands each day. Cooking, cleaning, crafting, photography, etc.

I would love to have you join me!

Need other 40 Day Inspiration?? I may tag along in the 40 Bags in 40 Days 2014 Challenge. I'm not making any promises, though... 40 Days of No Me Buying --- this may be a stretch... Let's be real.

Cheers, to a Creative 40 Days! {yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party.....}

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