Sweetpea's Workout Gear...

Now, let's get one thing straight before we head into this post...

I am not a gym person. I do not enjoy working out.

But, I need to. :-)

Like, I need a personal trainer yelling at me Jillian Michaels style. But, I'd prefer Bob, who is a little more kind. I like kind people.

Okay! Like I said earlier when I talked about the Protein Power Bowls. Mama and I are both trying to eat better and move more.

With that being said, I have come to realize these are my few things that I can't live without.

#1. My FitBit Zip! Talked about that on Tuesday, and I wear it non-stop. My "boys" who I have cared for for the last 5 years? Maybe 6? Maybe 7? I can't remember how long, but I call them my own! They each have one, and wanted to be friends to cheer each other on. LOVE that! They were giggling about the package descriptions about where you can wear the device...

They were completely grossed out that I wear mine on my BRA! They're in 6th grade, they can't say the word BRA without cracking up. Oh my... Love them!

#2. Socks, with a lip. If I am walking outside, I cannot STAND to get gravel or sand, etc in the heel of my shoes......

#3. Proper shoes. Go have yourself fitted! While these aren't the exact ones I own, I have great pair that I adore. They make my feet feel happy, happy, happy!

#4 & #5. Headbands & Hair O's. I have Rapunzel style hair. I need my hair up in a bun, with a headband holding the whispies out of the way! Nothing is more annoying than that ONE hair that brushes your neck, and you think it's a spider.

#6 & #7. T-Shirt & Yoga Pants. Yeah, I don't do Yoga. I mentioned the boys laughing about the word bra, I can't do Yoga for that reason...  I never graduated 8th grade maturity, and if I think/hear/smell someone fart, I lose it. Cannot stop laughing. Just thinking about it makes me giggle. But, Yoga pants are so incredibly comfy. We all know that....

#8 & #9. iPhone with a fab playlist and some earbuds! I don't love my earbuds. They fall out of my ears a lot. Which is irritating. Any suggestions for earbuds that don't fall out?? But, aren't Walkma style ear phones?!

Now, raise a water bottle to a day filled with 10,000 steps +!

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