Pet Peeves.

Everyone has them. I have them. You have them. While some times they go unseen, most times you hear someone shout "That is SUCH a pet peeve of mine!" while you are doing that very thing.

Here are some of mine, and why....

*disclaimer: please take no offense. these are just meant to be silly, while yes, they do annoy me.*

1. Not being on time. I am a clock keeping soldier. As my grandfather would say, "If you are on time, you're late."

2. Chewing. Mouth open, breathing through your mouth while chewing, loud smacking.

3. Tomatoes. I despise fresh tomatoes. I love canned tomatoes.

4. Wadded up dish rags. That smell makes me gag. Sometimes, I just throw the whole thing away.

5. "Gaggy" blankets. You know, the kind your toenails can accidentally get caught on, and give you that terrible, gaggy feeling.

6. Facebook. Seriously. It is becoming such a sore spot in my day.

7. Bad drivers. I have road rage. Bad road rage.

8. Small knives, for cutting things that require a big knife. #culinaryclasssnob

9. Unlabeled boxes. If it's shut, how are you supposed to know what's in there?!

10. Auto flash. Abhor it. Turn. It. Off.

What are some of your pet peeves???

** I'm adding more...**

1a. Late night vacuuming. It makes me want to cry. 
2a. Early morning loud noises. 
3a. Snoring. I cannot sleep with a snorer. My high maintenance sleeping habits are a whole series. I'm very serious when it come to beauty rest.

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