Inspired Looks with ProFlowers!

While it's still January, Spring time is never far from my mind.

This week, ProFlowers contacted me about putting together some looks for Spring using their flowers as a theme.

Um, yes! I love ProFlowers. We have a bouquet in my house right now! Johhny Boy sent our dear mother a gorgeous bouquet of Peruvian Lilies for her birthday.

Who wouldn't love to receive this lovely bouquet!

I have come up with three looks using my favorite flower, the Stargazer Lily. I know some either hate it or love it. I happen to love it, and enjoy them every chance I get to have them in the house. This flower is Valentine's Day - - - It's pink. And white. And makes anyone smile.

ProFlowers offers all different types of lilies, you can learn more here. Stunning selection!

If you look closely, stargazer lilies have many colors. Shades of pink, white, the tips inside are orange, and the green stem. My outfits are combining all those colors, making simple everyday wear.

Spring time screams tea time for me! (Or baby shower, or wedding shower, or brunch, etc.)

I have paired the perfect multi-pink and white frock to don with green pumps and orange toned studs. You could wear this to an afternoon wedding, afternoon tea, or some other day time gathering that needs a little more dressiness.

Keeping it casual, yet still reminiscent of the lily. Green pencil pants with a magenta top and structured white biker jacket. Slip on these orange-ish flats with gold accent jewelry and you are ready to conquer your day in style! This look also works for parent teacher meetings, office attire, and date night.

I adore black dresses. I think in my closet currently I have 6. Just because. This black dress is outfitted with pink bib necklace, button earrings and green pumps. You'll notice the green cuff with two orange bangles... For me, I like to wear bracelets and bangles in odd numbers (just like dressing a table!) 3 & 5. Depending on the size of the bracelet of bangle, maybe 7 is needed?? Always suitable for drinks and dancing out on the town, evening weddings, date night, and meeting your future in laws.

Thank you ProFlowers for this fun challenge!

Happy Spring Dreaming!

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