Wordpress is Dumb.

Well. Well. Well...

I'm back.

From Wordpress....

And, it was terrible.

Remember when you heard your mama say "If all your friends decide to jump off a bridge, would you??" Listen to that.

While Wordpress works for some people, it was a nightmare for me. I love Blogger. I know Blogger. We get along great. I shouldn't have changed a thing...

Now, I am back at square one. Complete with zero followers, a new domain name, and only up to go!

So, while I can still use my old BlogLovin info, I would love for you to follow along there!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hopefully I can get my act together and blog regularly with a full time job. Lots of bloggers do it, so why can't I???

Just in time for the Holidays! We'll be talking decorations for table, mantles, front doors, and bathrooms. Yummy dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, better ways to dress your self for the season, wrapping presents in super fun ways, and crafts that will make gift giving a breeze!

Love ya, Sweet Friends! Glad I'm back.


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