What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

I love Thanksgiving. It is one of my most favorite days of the year. If I had my Pinterest closet, all these clothing options would be at the ready for me! But, alas, I don't.

So, here are three options for the festive day: Formal, Fun, & Casual. Depending on your family's style of dining, you may need some or all.


An LBD can be used any time, any where. This pleated little black dress looks perfect for a formal evening dinner with family and friends. Jewels that impress with shimmer and shine add a touch of whimsy to the elegant emerald green suede pumps.


How fun would this be - to have a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving??! Dressed in dapper, vintage 1950s garb. Complete with pearls, heels, and lipstick.


A rusty red color wrap top with a belt keeps you ready to help with anything. A comfy pair of skinny jeans looks great with the black pump wedges you can put on just before your guests arrive. Gold & diamond accented pearl earrings and necklace add a touch of formal-ness to keep the day special.

How does your family dress for Thanksgiving? We dress on the casual side. But, for all the effort you put into the meal, it's nice to dress similar. Makes that half hour of eating worth it.

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