Thanksgiving Beverage: Vanilla Almond Iced Tea

This tea recipe is amazing any time of the year! It's especially wonderful for Thanksgiving! Be sure to make a few gallons. Your family and friends will keep filling their glass again and again!

A southerner is known by their glass of sweet tea.

While this tea is a bit different, I have never had a complaint when served! Plain sweet tea is great, but for special occasions, this recipe is perfect. The tart hint of lemonade and the subtle Almond-Vanilla flavors add a depth that cannot be matched.

I used this tea for the Mason Jar Themed Wedding Shower - doesn't it look adorable in the Mason Jar drink dispenser from World Market??? I was there a couple days ago and saw they have a blue tinted (vintage style!) one! My only recommendation is that they sell a stand for it. I don't like drink dispensers that hang off the edge of a table. The stand pictured below is from Pottery Barn, which I think I will order! (((I did order this! And while it's not perfect, it works!)))

Vanilla Almond Iced Tea

One Gallon Sweet Tea 
(any kind will do, you could make your own.)
One Gallon Lemonade 
(any kind will do, you could make your own)
A couple tablespoons Vanilla Extract
A couple tablespoons Almond Extract

Mix these all together in serving pitcher.

Serve this with crushed ice, I like the pellet ice from Sonic.  Garnish with lemon and orange slices. Mint is a nice touch as well! If not serving from a dispenser, I would pre-pour each glass. Fill the glass with ice, add the tea, then add a slice of lemon and orange on the side of the glass. Finish with a cute striped paper straw!

Cheers, Dear Ones!

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  1. Yum! What a great spin on iced tea! Thanks for a great recipe.

    1. Yay! Glad you liked the recipe, Sami! Thanks for visiting!

  2. True southern sweet tea should never be made with instant tea!!

    1. Thank you for your opinion. But, for this recipe, instant tea is necessary. I've tried making it with real tea, and it just doesn't have the same oomph. Believe me, I believe true southern sweet tea should be made with real tea and real sugar!

  3. What is the measurement of 2T Instant tea??

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