Sunday Funday Faves

During the week, I spend a lot of time perusing the world wide web. And while Pinterest is my go to place to peruse, I love clicking over to the blogs/websites and reading the articles or tutorials that go along with the pin.

So, each Sunday Funday I'll be sharing my four favorite links from the past week.

I've been meaning to make some large striped curtains for my bedroom, and this tutorial will be super helpful when I actually sit down to make them!

View Along the Way shares great tips for making curtains with tabs on the back! How thoughtful.


I would think this next link needs no explanation. I'm not sure how often I will make these.. Seeing that I prefer to just DRIVE to Chick - a - Lay. Get my sweet tea. Nuggets. And I'm good. But, just in case. This will be great to have on hand:

Stockpiling Moms - does it again!

Well, well, well. I expect nothing less from Better Homes and Garden. This Thanksgiving table is darling, and I may be using some of the elements on my own table! LOVE the idea of the word search. I'm a big fan of "something to do at all times" - this would be the perfect thing for my silly family.


Southern Living. Stop it. Their own house. I want it. Really. This is their idea house, you can go and visit! How fun. Lizanne, ready for a road trip?!

Thanks, Thistlewood Farms for your fabulous post!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my favorite links from the week. Tomorrow I am sharing my Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad recipe - a family favorite with our new favorite dressing. Wednesday I am posting some more organizational tips from Barbara Hemphill & the Becoming Conference. And, Friday will feature my favorite store, Talbots, and their classy couture.

Cheers to a new week, Sweet Friends!

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