Day 29: Don't Forget! Other Rooms in Your Home Not to Miss

Happy Wednesday! It doesn't feel like the middle of the week with the holiday weekend, but here we are! Just a few days shy of ending 31 Days to Successful Entertaining.

We all have those parties we host when we know there are baskets full of stuff on the otherside of the closet.... Or, at least I hope so.....

While having a neat and tidy closet would be my dream, it's just not possible. I do however, like to keep the bathrooms and a couple bedrooms neat and tidy.

The bathroom. 

This room will be visited frequently during a party. Be sure to have a low-lighted lamp. Soap dispenser filled, or a new, clean soap bar and a clean hand towel. Have your shower curtain closed, it's just a thing of mine... I don't want people looking to see what shampoo and razor I use... Even though I look in most people's when I'm there...

You may want to add a little basket of goodies people can use. Lotions, tooth brushes, bobby pins, hair spray, safety pins, etc. Just a little helpful,  "in case you need something, help yourself!"

Before your guests arrive, do one last swipe over in the bathroom. Wipe the sink out, the faucet, counter tops, and toilet. Put the lid down, light the lamp, and shut the shower curtain. It will take you 5 minutes tops! But, makes it look so nice and calming in there.

The bedroom. 

A nice place to put coats during the chilly months is a bedroom that is close by. Make the bed, clear the clutter from the floor. Light a lamp, and shut any closet doors. When your guests come in your home, offer to take their coat and place them on your bed. It's an easy place for guests to get their coats when they leave, and it also keeps them out of the way.

One more place to have neat and tidy is somewhere you can put containers people have brought food in, or bags, etc. When you host a dinner party and ask people to bring items, you end up with bags and casserole dish covers and need a place to stow them away. We have a nook just off the kitchen, but the pantry makes a great place to throw these items. Or, you can designate a specific place on your counter top. That way, when folks leave, they don't have to ask you where their bag/cover is.

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