Day 14: Using Silhouette Cameo and Cutting Vinyl

Day 14, almost HALF WAY through our series! I hope you are learning and taking away information you find useful!

Today, my sweet friend, Jessica of Begin to Craft is sharing a tutorial on using Vinyl with your Silhouette Cameo. You all know my absolute L-O-V-E for my Cameo! I do use vinyl, however, I am not great with it, making projects several times in order to get it perfect.  I am SO thankful for her putting this together.... 


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Jessica is making a super cute vinyl frame for a whiteboard shape. She put it on chipboard, which Silhouette has recently created and will soon start selling.

This basic tutorial will help you get started using Vinyl with your Cameo!

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Project on screen

Here is a picture I took of my image on my computer screen. I wanted just the frame cut out in this nice bright yellow vinyl I had picked out.

vinyl 3

The settings are preset for Vinyl and this is what we went by for our cuts. Just make sure to change the blade setting to a 2.


Place the vinyl on the mat and smooth out as much as you can. This was not as much rolled as it was folded and had a ton of wrinkles and folds.

vinyl 1

It is now ready to lift the cover, line it up under the rollers and hit the load button. It came out easy to lift up, and I was ready to go.

chipboard project 1

I pulled the vinyl backing carefully off so I could smooth it onto the chipboard and rub out the wrinkles.

chipboard project 2

I then went back to my image on the screen, and eliminated the outside edge of the frame. I added white vinyl to my mat, and cut it out as well. The white vinyl I used was a whiteboard type vinyl. I made this up for a teacher appreciation gift, but it also could very easily be used for a Mother's day gift. I like the cheerfulness of the yellow. You could add magnet strips to the back, or just push some pushpins in it to hang. So many options for use. I thought about hanging it in my kids hallway or bathroom for little reminders and a fun pop of color for daily quotes or phrases.

I could make this SO much bigger if I wanted. I Love my Silhouette machine.

What do you use vinyl for?

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