Vanilla Almond Iced Tea

A southerner is known by their glass of sweet tea.

While this tea is a bit different, I have never had a complaint when served! Plain sweet tea is great, but for special occasions, this recipe is perfect. The tart hint of lemonade and the subtle Almond-Vanilla flavors add a depth that cannot be matched.

I used this tea for the Mason Jar Themed Wedding Shower - doesn't it look adorable in the Mason Jar drink dispenser from World Market??? I was there a couple days ago and saw they have a blue tinted (vintage style!) one! My only recommendation is that they sell a stand for it. I don't like drink dispensers that hang off the edge of a table. The stand pictured below is from Pottery Barn, which I think I will order!

Vanilla Almond Iced Tea

2 c. water
2 T instant tea (no sugar, no lemon)

Mix together above 2 ingredients.

2 c water
1 1/2 c sugar  

Boil above 2 ingredients until sugar is dissolved.

3 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp almond extract
2 6 oz cans frozen lemonade

Add to above 2 mixtures. Then add 2 quarts of water.

Serve this with crushed ice, I like the pellet ice from Sonic. The ice will dilute the tea a bit, so drinking it straight from the container can be a bit too sweet! Garnish with lemon and orange slices. Mint is a nice touch as well! If not serving from a dispenser, I would pre-pour each glass. Fill the glass with ice, add the tea, then add a slice of lemon and orange on the side of the glass. Finish with a cute striped paper straw!


  1. Thanks Ashley! This will be made tonight. And I will have to check out WM for the blue mason jar dispenser. We had the other a couple years ago and it got broke at an event. I agree about the stand.

  2. this recipe looks delicious! i have never heard of vanilla almond iced tea before, but now i really want to try it! thank you for sharing the recipe!

  3. I tried this recipe and it was great! It's the perfect drink for the warmer days coming soon.

    I clicked from Paulina's site and found you. I look forward to more drink recipes.


  4. Great recipe, Ashley! I love sweet tea and I'm very interested in trying your recipe. Thank you for sharing.