I'm Dreaming of a Lilly Summer...

I know it's almost Spring, but with the lovely blue skies and big clouds, all I can think about it summer!

In college, Spring time meant Margarita Fridays. Which meant, most of these items below were necessary...

Sunglasses are a must.. no one wants squinting wrinkles...

Vinyl tote: I've been using one for grocery shopping lately, and they are wonderful! They hold so much, and look adorable as well.

Plastic cups & Pitcher. A big pitcher of Margaritas are always a good thing, and cute cups make it even more fun!

iPhone cover. No explanation.


Plastic Tumbler. These are great! They keep your cold beverages cold, without the "sweating" other cups produce from not being insulated.

Ice bucket. Yes, please! Monogrammed, too!

Pink and green + a little teal tote - so chic to hold all your necessary items.

Flip flops! And, these are jellies. Reminiscent of my 6-8 year old self!

Are you looking forward to anything this Spring and Summer??

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