25 in 25 Update!

While I haven't been thinking "Oh, I need to do these things..." I have been doing them. Yay! Here is a little update on my progress. Not sure I will have them all completed by June 30, 2013 - but you never know!!

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 Last month I turned the big 2-5. You may think I am a wee young one, but every year I get older. I'm now in the 25-30 check box, and honestly it does not sit well with me. {{Trying not to use expletives here....}}

For many years I have not enjoyed my birthday. While I am ever grateful that I am here on this earth, celebrating my newest age is not a pleasure:

I do not like the attention.

I do not do well with accepting gifts.

And, honestly, I am a control freak of sorts. I can't control that I get older every year and I don't like it. Duh!

I found Living in Yellow the other day, and what an adorable blog it is!

Erin has a great way with words that makes you feel like you are having a girl to girl chat over a glass of wine, while sitting on the dock. She recently made a "26 in 26" list, and I have decided to join in on the fun!

Here are my 25 things I want to accomplish in my 25th year. {We all know it's really my 26th year, but we'll get over the minor technicalities.}

25 in 25

1. Keep my room clean for more than a week
My room is finally done with work... The ceiling is complete.... Now, I am repainting furniture!

2. Clean my room, in order to keep is clean for one week!

3. Stop living out of a suitcase! When I come home, unpack...

4. Eat Paleo for 30 days consecutively. And, do it seriously.
Yep! Did it, loved it. Still eating Paleo during the week, for the most part. Weekends, I give myself a pass to cheat, but most of the time I find myself craving the healthy foods!

5. Exercise daily - at least half an hour.

6. Save more money.
If you are unsure of how to save money, start listening to Dave Ramsey on IHEARTRADIO!

7. Buy a 27" iMac with said savings.
About $400 short! Definitely by 06.30.2013

8.  Open Etsy store - with actual items in it.
Waiting on my Wordpress design to be finished... Then, I will have an online store front!

9. Go to 3 blogging conferences.
I have two paid for, but they are after June 30th...

10. Grow readership and audience.
Love seeing my blog grow! Thank YOU!

11. Sponsor 3 blogs per month.
It is SO much fun to sponsor other people!

Thanks to the amazing Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny! I can't wait to sponsor you for AUGUST!

12. Learn more about Graphic Design and CSS/HTML.

13. Photograph something everyday.
With my handy iPhone, I do snap a picture everyday!

14. Get checked for skin cancer
Done! No cancer! Had one spot removed, still not cancer! Yay!!

15. Drive the entire Parkway.

16. Purge through all my belongings. Either donate or consign.
Almost... I just have to part with some shoes and handbags... clothing is done!

17. Read more books - not just business books!
Made to Crave was amazing - definitely a MUST read!

18. Begin writing cookbook. {{BIG GOAL}}
3/4 done! Yay!! And, it's not just a cookbook. 

19. Be more appreciative, of all things.

20. Learn to say no, and practice doing so.
Believe it or not, I am doing well with saying no... even though it still gives me a mini panic attack!

21. Revise two business plans & keep them current.
Blog post coming in April about writing a business plan, and how to do it efficiently.

22. Volunteer my time more wisely & efficiently.

23. Start three Blog Link Parties & be successful.


24. Learn that I cannot control everything, and DEAL. WITH. IT.

25. Travel more - even just a quick trip down the Mountain
Definitely been doing this, and have more planned!

I am linking up to Erin on Living in Yellow! Go read her blog, you'll love it!!

***  15 out of 25 is not bad! Three months left.  ***

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