Wedding Attire

This Spring and Summer it is wedding season for us.

Here are a few tips for using the same shoes, jewelry and handbag for all weddings. I'm sharing my favorite options to wear to these events and why they work so well.

 I LOVE maxi dresses. I think they look good on anyone. The key to wear a maxi dress is either having it tailored to your height, or wearing it with a pair of shoes that will make it "skim" the floor. This dress shouldn't be too short or too long. Too short being above your ankles.... Too long being dragging on the ground while you hold it up looking like Cinderella....

Keep jewelry simple - nothing over the top. A simple pair of earrings and a watch to keep you timely!

My other LOVE is the Tunic top. This also looks great on both short and tall ladies. And while some may not think appropriate for weddings, these tops can be elegantly classy. No leggings! Pair with a nice pair of black trousers - and pumps. Pumps and trousers dress almost any top up!

A simple frock is always adorable at any wedding. Of course, steer clear of any thing white, cream, or ivory. Just don't.... It's rude, and while the bride may never notice, you know better!

These dresses would be perfect for an afternoon wedding - easy to wear, and comfy enough to get your groove on the dance floor!

Be sure to wear the Essential Undergarments under any of these items!

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  1. I love your fashion advice! I like the look of a maxi but was a bit unsure about wearing one. I feel a little better since reading your blog! I found you on the Thursday blog hop and I'm following you now. If you get a chance check me out on www.feelingtheemptynest.blogspot.com