Friday Favorites

It's cold, rainy day here in the Mountains. I spent almost 4 hours last night working on a blogitorial - a blogging editorial calendar. Hoping to help keep myself organized and thorough in this new year of 2013!

And.... after that entire process I found myself in Target this morning holding a *new* silver planner that was $3.50.... I couldn't say no. So, for now, the "homemade blogitorial" is on hold, and hoping as I use this everyday planner, it will spur me to keep up with the kind of things I need within my own personal editorial calendar.

A new planner, box of pencils, and some lotion and this girl is a happy camper. Ready to plan out my posts for the up coming year - including a few eBooks, one which will be announced come early March!

For now, these are the items that are making my heart go pitter-patter.

Lip balm. My preferred kind: L-Occitane Shea Lip Balm. Nothing compares! Despite several people telling me I am too high maintenance about the subject...

A cute coffee mug. While I don't drink coffee, I am an avid tea drinker. And, having either a tea cup and saucer or an adorable mug makes me smile that much more.

Chevron pillows. Last week, I purchased a slew of chevron printed fabric to make throw pillows for my bed. I have a white duvet with a light green embroidered border, this will add a pop of color in my ballet slipper pink room.

Pencils and a Planner. Love. Only Ticonderoga will do, and preferably the black ones - I have a mechanical Ticonderoga from high school that comes with me everywhere. Writes beautifully. And, yes, I only use pen, unless I am signing a check... I have a pencil sharpener with me, always!

Socks. I am not a sock wearer. I don't like my toes to be constrained, or my "I-need-a-pedicure-so-badly" toes feeling the seam of the sock... Issues, I have them. But! I had no idea how warm socks keep your feet! On a day like to day, it helps to have the extra warmth while I am donning my leopard print tuxedo slippers from Target.

Do you have any items you just can't live without?? Any favorites you'd like to share??

Happy Weekend, Sweet Friends!

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