Cooking Without a Stove Top

Saturday morning our stove top literally blew up. Well, sort of.... Close enough.

So - we opted to go with a whole new range.... Extra oven space?! YES, please!

Thanks, Sears for helping us buy our appliances for 35+ years!
We are moving to a gas range - better heating, therefore better cooking. Convection oven, maybe I will become a better baker with this function?? I'm not holding my breath!

Our current cook top is 36" and this range is 30" - however, this also takes away prime real estate in the cabinet department. Here are a few ideas I am just loving!

Taking a big portion from Julia Child's kitchen:


Of course, Martha, of course.


 What we are also going to be doing is going through all of it.... EVERYTHING... And getting rid of all the items we don't use. If I don't cook with it on a weekly basis, it's either going to Goodwill, or going downstairs to the Storage Room. With only 5 burners, I will never use more than 5 pots/pans at a time - so why have over a dozen in the cabinet??

I'm also hoping this spurs ma mére to getting the 23 year old wallpaper off the walls......

Should be a fun project that may take a bit of time, but that's okay!

All this to say we are without a stove for 2 weeks. Thank goodness for the Big Green Egg and cast iron skillets!

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  1. K I'm LOVING your recipes. Pinned the Quinoa recipe. I'm always looking for good recipes. Newest follower!