3 Easy Steps to Blog Planning

Planning... No one wants to do it, but everyone needs to!

Here are three easy steps to getting your Blogging Life in order and make your time more productive.

1. Blog Post Brainstorm....

Spend a set half hour writing down any and every topic your can think of. What crafts have you been dying to try? Any recipes? What about fashion experiments?? And heart-to-heart topics you've been wanting to talk about?? Write them down!

After you've written these down, group them with like topics.... See if you have 4 or more similar posts, and you can make a series.

2. Blog Post Plug-In....

Now, take a blank calendar and plug the topics into the days. I like to use an entire planner for this... Only Sweetpea Lifestyle stuff goes into the planner... This may create some redundancy, but it helps me see my "online life" in one place.

Make sure when you plug your topics in you aren't doing 5 recipes in one week, unless you have a series you are wanting to do! Keep your content fresh and exciting - having your readers excited to visit you each day!

3. Back-Log Posts....


When you have your posts written into each day of the week, go back a week and plug the same topics into the days a week before... This way you can make the craft/recipe/whatever the week before, have time to photograph it, edit, etc and pre-publish the post.

While this may seem a little overboard - it is SUCH a time saver in the long run! I know exactly what I am going to post next week and the week after. Most the copy of the posts have been written, I just have to plug the pictures in and press publish!

I love scheduling my posts. It takes wayy more time than people think to write one post! And, prescheduling the posts makes it easier for you to link-up the day of, or promote it on Social Media.

Do you have any tips you can share! I'd love to hear how other bloggers plan their lives!

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  1. Love these guidelines! Not so many that you feel swamped but they do make sense - will do my best to follow them! :)