Pinspiration: Overwhelmed with Pinning!

We all know and LOVE Pinterest!

I can't get enough....

But, lately, I have become overwhelmed with all the good info I am pinning - I either forget I pinned it, or can't remember what it was I pinned that I wanted to go back and read...

Here is a quick tutorial of how I organize my pins, and how in the future I will actually "do" these pins! {Pinterest isn't JUST for pinning... It's for crafting, too! Which I forget... a lot..}

Here is a screen shot of my pinboard page....

Lots of boards, lots of pins.....

I like to click over to the Pin Page, where I can see my most recently pins.... instead of looking through my boards, which distracts me from my purpose!

Recently I pinned this gorgeous Red Frock, a cute Elephant print out, Type-Guide Infographic and a few other good reads...

So, instead of keeping up with it in my mind... Which would NEVER happen... I made a spreadsheet that now I add things to as I pin. Then, once I have made/printed/read it, I type in a comment:

So far, it has helped tremendously! While there are only the most recent pins seen on the spreadsheet - I am slowly going to the bottom of the pinning page and "re-hashing" the first things I pinned... Which I totally forgot about!

Come follow my pin boards!

How do you organize your pins?

Happy Friday!

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  1. Good idea! I'm constantly repinning things I already had pinned. I should also have a spread sheet for the pins I have tried.