Happy, Happy New Year!

Well, 2013 is here. Ready, or not!

The Christmas season was wonderful in our home - simple and rather quiet due to most of us being sick.

For this upcoming year, Sweetpea Lifestyle is going to be moving in a few new directions...

I will be writing more about business, women in business, etc and about politics. You may not like it, and that's fine. But, being a Republican I am seeing a need for change... I like to know my facts, and I think other need to as well. While I may stand on my soap box at times, I never want to offend anyone. I am merely going to practice my right of Free Speech. Thank goodness we ALL can practice that one!

Of course you will still find the usual crafty-fashion-cooking-photography bits as well. Followed by a new series called New Year, New You - my sweet friend, Liza, will be sharing Yoga poses with us and other self-productive thoughts. Get excited, she's super fun!

I haven't set my New Year's Goals quite yet - but, they are coming...

Love to you and yours on this newest year.

May all your days be merry and bright!

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