My Favorite Business Books.

I am a business book junkie. I cannot get enough of them. And, while I LOVE owning the actual books, I love my library on my iPad's Kindle App even more! I usually have two or three waiting for me to read. Or, I have several open, being read at the same time.

Two of my favorite Business Moguls are Dave Ramsey and The Joy of Marketing's Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck.

Folks, if you don't know who these people are, you need to. 
Especially if you have any kind of business! 

Dave Ramsey has a great "library" of books to read - I have read most of these books, and among them are some of my favorites

Here they are - in no particular order!

EntreLeadership - this book is written by Dave Ramsey, and it is chalk full of business advice. Advice from his learning and doing for over 30 years.

Rhinoceros Success - Super quick read, takes about half an hour. And, after that half an hour you will be so fired up to do whatever it is that you want to do, you will take off!

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Classic. This is the business world's Great Gatsby or Tale of Two Cities. You will not find any business professor that hasn't read this book, or doesn't recommend it.

Go-Getter - I am currently one chapter away from finishing this one. It is O-L-D. Written in 1921, but the values instilled in this book stand the test of time.

Good to Great - Another classic. On every business list.

Dave Ramsey is a fantastic writer - not only spurring you on to greatness, but doing so by way of DEBT-FREE. If you haven't taken or read his Financial Peace University book, do so before ANY of these others.

Now, moving on to the lovely ladies of The Joy of Marketing! I love this blog, this concept, and what this business offers others. Everyday they offer a nugget of education, mainly geared towards photographers, but would work for any boutique business.

business book happens to come from these two...

Worth Every Penny - I wish all boutique business owners would read this. If everyone charged what they are worth, the price sensitive buyer would realize what a labor of love being a photographer really is. Charging what you are worth is not only a justice to yourself, but to your craft. By upping your game of customer service, going beyond the consumers wildest dream, you take your business from the everyday occurrence, to a business people will not only talk about, but want to come back to over and over again. Learning who your consumer is - what their family is like, you learn how you can help them. The "sales pitch" becomes null, seeing that you will know when their wife's birthday is, or when their son/daughter graduates from high school. You will know when to call and offer them one of your goods. Not just selling them a product, but selling them what they need, when the didn't realize it!

The Purple Cow - Seth Godin. Marketing god. He writes with smart quips that will stay etched in your brain. He's also no non-sense, which I love. Straight to the point.

Linchpin - Seth Godin, again. Produce something that people care about and you become indispensable. Have amazing customer service and stand out as more than worth it. Make a difference in the field you have chosen, go forth and be the better business that your competitors want to be.

****Seth Godin is kind of in a category by himself, 
but with remarks towards marketing, which is a whole other blog post****

The 4-Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris. That's really all I need to say. This guy went from making $40,000 a year to $40,000 a month working 4 hours a week... Delegate, delegate, delegate!

{{{Have you noticed business books sound more like the self-help section of the book store??}}}

As a business owner and an artist (crafters are allowed to say this! they produce some form of art!), never thinking I am the best is the only advice I can offer. Always be willing to learn more about your craft, and better yourself as a business person. Don't ever think you have "arrived" - if you begin thinking that, you need a quick attitude change! Dave Ramsey says "If you want to be a millionaire, hang out with millionaire's." I choose to read from some of the best of the best in the business world. And, while they have no clue who I am, I have learned far more than I ever thought.

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  1. I love reading business books too!! I have read a lot of these. Thanks for sharing your list:)