Monogram Madness

In the South, having everything that stand monogrammed is a usual occurrence.

But, this past year, monogramming has exploded.

1. Who doesn't want a framed portrait of their own monogram in their office, bedroom, bathroom?? Adorable!

2. Monogrammed iPhone home button?! Yes, please!

3. Gold Monogram necklace - I would prefer it in silver. Maybe with diamonds...

4. CHEVRON monogrammed throw pillow! Perfect for the couch of a newly weds home. {Hey, Lizanne!}

5. Coasters, with your last name initial. Must have.

6. Place mats are making a come back - Just wait.

7. Monogrammed iPhone case. Must have, must have, MUST HAVE.

I can think of so many great crafts to use with my monogram.... Maybe a Monogramming Mini series is on it's way?!


1 comment:

  1. I am swooning over all of these! Yes, let's do a monogramming series, using my soon-to-be initials as the props! haha jk..kinda :)