Christmas iPhone Wallpaper!

I love my Apple products. I can't say enough good things about them!

I love using my photos I have taken on Instagram as my wallpaper, but for this Christmas Season, I wanted something a little different.

And, in keeping with my Chalkboard obsession I created this:

While I have the iPhone 5, I made the correct sizes for iPhone 3-3G-3GS-4-4S and iPod Touch.

Copy and paste to your desktop, then email it to yourself. Save the image on your iPhone/iPod and use as your wallpaper!

iPhone 5:

iPhone 3-3G-3GS-4-4S:

iPod Touch:


Somewhat Simple


  1. I tried to download the iPhone 4 version, but the link says the file is no longer available :(

  2. Jamie, Thanks for the heads up! I think I fixed the issue! Let me know - or email me, and I'll send it to you! ashley{at}sweetpealifestyle{dot}com