Business Travel Attire

Traveling on business can be difficult. You need to pack light, wear something you can walk directly into a meeting in, and still look presentable when you arrive...

Here are several options that work well, but are easy:

You want to wear as little extras as possible! No one wants to take off a belt, necklace, bracelet, shoes, etc when going through security... However, flights can be cold, so bring a jacket. Carrying a tote that is a little larger than you may normally carry is a great way to store your extras: iPad, a notepad/pen/pencil, agenda, etc. You could even store your jewelry until you go through the check point - then put on later.

This is an easy shirt dress - simple, yet chic. Paired with some leopard print pumps and teal accents! Casual, but you still look like you are ready to conquer the world.

This outfit has a necklace and a bracelet - but, with a white top, you need some excitement. Keeping the shoes neutral, the deep red pencil skirt is the perfect canvas for wearing a statement piece like this necklace!

This is on the more casual side... It would be comfy for an international flight, but you would still look decent when you exit the airport.

Have you noticed the lipstick theme??? EVERY LADY looks good in lipstick. And, wearing "darker-than-you-ever-would-have-worn" lips look even better! Folks, don't be afraid to wear red or deep pink lipstick. I get so many compliments on my color choices, yet when people see the tube "I could never wear a color that dark!" comes out. Then, they try and love it. Plus! It puts a little bit more pep in your step - giving a confidence booster that may be needed?! Do it. It's the Holidays, now is the time!!

Have any business travel attire tips?? Share away!

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  1. LOVE your fashion posts, Ashley! Our style seems to be pretty similar....I would wear just about everything you have posted! :)