10 Tips for a Successful Craft Show!

I participated in a craft show/handmade market several weeks ago and wanted to share my Top Ten Tips for having a successful day. Hopefully these tips and printables will help make your craft show a success and leave you feeling "on top of things" rather than a bit scattered!

1. Make a plan. Wayyyy a head of time! Not the week before. Once you send in your $ and application, begin planning. Schedule your week so that you make a certain amount of inventory leading up to the show - not all the night before! Be sure to include time for your pricing, your labeling, and getting all your "set-up" materials together.

2. Don't make 100 different things. Find a niche and go with it. Try to make it that much more interesting than what others could make. This way, you don't have people just cruising your booth to get inspiration for their next project!

3. Label EVERYTHING. And label again. Have each individual item priced, as well as the "general" pricing. If you have a section of notepads, label "notepads $5" - as well as each notepad! People are dumb, I'm just going to say it! They either don't read, or pick an item up before reading how much something is. And, they don't want to ask! While you are pricing each item, go ahead and "inventory" your products into a spread sheet on Excel - or, if you aren't proficient in Excel, in Word. Just have it written down! That way, you aren't making notes of every item sold. You can check the items off as they head out the door to happy customers!

4. Use interesting items to display your merchandise. I use my mother's suit cases she received when she graduated high school! People L-O-V-E them - I have gotten so many compliments on them.

5. Add height to your display. Using height makes it easier for customers to see the items, as well as keep them looking.

6. Use Square! While most people come prepared with cash to a craft show, occasionally you will find someone who doesn't and needs to use a card. So easy and efficient! Also, have a little label for this, too. Just in case some one walks away for not having cash!

7. Cute packaging! I use brown paper bags, but throw in some colored tissue paper and a ribbon/twine/raffia, and you have a unique bag that makes your customer feel THAT much better about their purchase. This shows you are not there just to make the $$$, but to give customer service to the max!  Be sure to include a couple business cards inside the bag for future reference! If you have an Etsy store, you could include a coupon code - an added bonus for the customer!

8. Be sure to bring change. And lots of it! People will hand you a $20 for a $3 item, and you will need to give $17 back and have change left for the next person! {See how Square can be useful?!} I would suggest having at least $50 in nothing less than $20 bills.

9. Pack lots of snacks and water. If you are the sole person running your booth, you may not get a chance to leave for very long. And, you will be on your feet allll dayyyy lonnggggg.

10. Speaking of being on your feet! Wear comfy shoes. They don't have to be unfortunate looking, just be sure you can stand/walk around in them all day without feeling like your feet are on fire. And, while we are talking about appearances - be sure to wear something that reflects your style, and the style of your booth. Jeans are fine, if you wear a cute top - and maybe even an apron! Wearing makeup and fun jewelry are a plus. You have one chance to make a good impression, and looking the part is key!

Be sure you have enough business cards to pass out, as well as drop a few in the bags of purchasers. This way, they know just where to find you after they leave! And, if they are giving your item as a gift, they will have extra card to include in their gift - to show it was handmade with love. I had some tags made with my old logo - I love them! They are Mini Moo cards, and while they don't have my new logo, I used them anyways.... {I know, not good branding!!! Sorry, the Joy of Marketing! I really have learned A TON from you!!!!!}

You could also offer little baskets to put their finds in. This helps with people just holding things. It allows them to see what they have in hand, but be able to "claim it" more than just putting it down on the table to pick up another item. Get to know your customers, start chatting with them. Find out what they need, and who they need it for. After this, begin making suggestions as to what you offer. A lot of times, consumers do not {really} know what they want. But, once they see it, hold it and make connection with it, they can't let it go! If you are selling wearable items, you might bring along a mirror so they can see what they product will look like. Also, if it is a washable product, it would be nice to make a tag that has the washing instructions on it.

Keeping your stuff organized and neat helps tremendously. In the down moments, tidy up your products. Be sure each item is properly stocked and how you want it.

To help you keep it all together, I have made a few F-R-E-E printables! This includes two calendars - month and week, and a checklist you can follow! Download and print as many times as you need!

Do you have any tips or tricks to share??

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