Oh Happy Day!

WOO hooooooo!!! Lizanne and Anjo Beans are gettin hitched! In March... So we have a few short months to wait, but I couldn't be more thrilled.

Andrew and I have known each other FOREVER. For real. I was born a month before he was, and he was born just in time to attend my adoption ceremony!

 Here we are. In our infamous sweat suits/skirt. I believe our younger brothers are donning matching ones?

I am thrilled he not only found an amazing, beautiful girl who loves him to the ends of the earth and back... I am OVER THE MOON that I call her one of my sweetest, bestest friends. L-O-V-E Future Lizanne Carlson!

My family and another close family hosted a great party for the two. Not and engagement party and not a wedding shower - just an "Oh Happy Day Party!"

We had a Mexian Fiesta theme - here is my DIY Old Window to Chalkboard! {Tomorrow I'll be sharing my tutorial for this easy craft!}

We chose a simple one-pot meal, Bean Chalupa, that you top with taco fixings. Easy, peasy! Perfect casual dinner to serve for a party of 30.

 This was the drink bar that greeted guests as they walked in. Mojitarita's were the beverage of choice... A great mix of the refreshing mojito with a sweet punch of a margarita. Straws, umbrellas, and extra limes were provided to add a little life to some {semi-boring-but-cheap-and-easy-clean-up} plastic cups.

Here is the dessert bar. We had our friend Callie make us her AH-mazing Coconut cake with Lemon Curd filling. I made some chocolate cupcakes to indulge the chocoholics. {Weren't nearly as yummy as Callie's cake!}

This is the apron Susan, Andrew's mama, made out of one of his old button up shirts! L-O-V-E. And, no, that's not L's dress... That dress form was going to be left naked, so I dressed her in my one of my old prom dresses. Cute, huh?!

They received lots of fun gifts that will serve them well in their new married life!

Love you two!! Can't wait to be neighbors some day! ;-)

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  1. You are SO TALENTED!! Thank you again for such a wonderful party. Love you!