It's Thanksgiving week, and WHERE have I been?? Not here, as you can tell.....

Usually we have a big shin dig and have LOTS of people for dinner on Thursday. This year, we are changing it up. We are going to our dear friends house, but we are only bringing TWO things. Broccoli and ham. Well, and some paper goods, but those don't count.

This was a last minute plan, and S & W, the super planners, already have everything under control. So, we'll just have them at Christmas and do all the cooking! We have done Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with this sweet family for over 20 years. I love traditions like that.

We are keeping it casual, but in years past, we have elaborate table settings. Here is a VERY simple, but effective way to make your table look adorable. {Of course, these are Valentine's Day colors.... and I've done this tutorial a couple times..... BUT! People love it. And I love it.}

You will need some pillar candles, preferably unscented, ESPECIALLY if you are eating around them.
Alene's Tacky Glue, Sprinkes and a brush. You may also want to line your table with newspaper and have some dishes handy to sprinkle into.... So things don't get too carried away.

Then, all you do: swipe some glue on your candle in sections, followed by your sprinkles. It works best to just pour them on, letting the excess go into a dish of some sort.

Then, let dry for a good day. You could make them with Fall colors, Holiday colors, or get the assorted colored sprinkles for Birthdays.

And, just because this was the ONLY time I made these cookies, and I probably won't again until I have children of my own... Which should be in about ten years...

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all! Our "season" begins this weekend of parties and celebrations. Kicking it off with a Mexican Happy Wedding party on Friday!

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  1. Prettyyyyy!! Can't wait to see all your amazing hostess skills put to work in a few days!! Love love you and so glad "you're back"! :)