Fashion Friday: From Summer to Fall Fashion!

Y'all! It's Fall. My favorite season. Anddddd, it's October. My favorite month next to February...

Why is October my favorite???

Well...... Here's a short list:

Beautiful Blue Skies

Colorful Leaves

Crisp Cool Air

Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Circle Scarves



Blue Ridge Parkway

While Fall is great - there is one slight issue...... You wake up and it's cold. Later in the day you are sweating due to too many clothes to combat the frigid air in the morning..... So. Not. Fun.

Here are a couple ways you can use your SUMMER clothes with your FALL clothes!

Using a summery color of the light teal give this great work outfit an airy feel. The flowy, sleeveless top will help keep your temperature controlled! Using the Boyfriend Blazer, you can keep your arms warm when needed. A great deep maroon bag adds texture to this outfit + the trendy Tuxedo Shoes in the ever classic leopard print! Simple jewelry is all you need!

Once again using the Minty Green - but using a 3/4 length sleeve. "Not too cold and Not too hot" - Name the Movie! Nude pumps can be worn any season... If you don't have a pair, please go buy a few. Nude and Black pumps are the only pumps you need. Seriously. Keep your makeup and bag Summery by using bright pops of pink. Fall Feather earrings complete this outfit!

While you are still using your Summer items, and transitioning your closet to Fall, here are a few tips for clothing storage....

1. Wash all clothing and fold properly.

2. Store in bins that are water resistant - I use Rubbermaid containers, with lids!

3. Anything you didn't wear this past season - GET. RID. OF. IT.

Can you believe we are so close to ending 2012??? Cheers to Fall, Cheers to the beginning of the wonderful Holiday season, and Cheers to all things crafty that I won't be able to make in time for the correlating event!


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  1. Thanks for all the transition tips! Have a fashionable weekend!