A Pink October

Have you all noticed all the lovely pink things around during the month of October??

As much as I love Fall and the colors that come with Fall, I L-O-V-E anything pink. Really, it's true!

I had no idea so many of my favorite things came in pink - while supporting research to find a cure for breast cancer. Two great reasons to purchase!

pink + breast cancer research = L-O-V-E

My favorite item of all?? The pink soled Christian Louboutins. And the pink mixer. And Uggs. And Emi Jays.

Here is my outfit of choice to help fight breast cancer:

Simple pink dress with suede pink pumps. Simple jewelry and an envelope clutch!

How is your fall going along??? I cannot believe we are almost to Thanksgiving!!!

Starting November 1st, I am participating in a little project:

30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook

That's right folks! Coming in December 2012, an ebook pour toi!

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  1. I love all things pink!!
    Love the collection picture up top.