Carbonite, Carbonite, Who's Got the Carbonite?

You know you should be backing up your files on your computer - but you don't. You either forget to plug your external hardrive in, or you think "Oh, it will be fine for a couple of days.."

If you are like me, you are on the go quite often. Not always bound to your computer and having remote access to your computer is vital to running an online business.

While I do use an external hardrive - taking thousands of RAW photos can take up quite a lot of space! - I don't enjoy plugging it in in order to save my files... I'm lazy! What can I say!

One of the awesome sponsors of Type A Parents Blogging Conference was Carbonite. A secure online back up system that is magical!

You sign up, install the software and you're done. Carbonite automatically backs your files up without you doing anything! When you need to access them, you just sign on and there they are!

One of the best "factors" of using Carbonite is the ability to access my files anywhere I go. On my trusty iPhone and iPad, as well as any other computer.

With Carbonite Mobile, I have the luxury of keeping my mobile photos and videos safely preserved! Here is a bit from their recent press release:

  • Carbonite Mobile lets you backup unlimited devices through one account.  It’s perfect for families or anyone who has multiple phones and wants easy protection and one-stop access to all of their photos and videos
  • It’s the only app with free photo and video backup  PLUS remote access and device transfer, no matter what device or operating system you use
    • For example, if you have an Android phone and iPad, you can see all your photos and videos on both devices, or even your PC, through one central portal
  • Android-exclusive features allow you to locate and remotely wipe personal data from a lost phone
  • It’s the only free photo and video backup app currently available in Google Play

These are some screen shots of using Carbonite Mobile on your iPhone:

Easy, right??? Just swiping the button to ON, and my photos and videos are now safe and sound. Woo hoo!!

For all you Android users here is your screenshots:

I cannot tell you how many times I have used this wonderful service. I had no idea I needed it! The BEST part about it all is I don't have to wonder if I've plugged anything in... When I am connected to the internet, Carbonite is keeping my files safe and sound! As our world moves into being more technologocially driven, I'm happy that I have peace of mind about my computer's files. I work hard on the photos I edit, and things that I write! Why not have them safely protected??

Do you have your files protected??

You can subscribe HERE today! Use the F-R-E-E trial and see just how magical it is!

Thank you, Carbonite {especially Julie! Hey, Julie!} for allowing me the use of your fantastic service! You are a keeper in my book!

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