Style Me Chic: LBD 5 Ways

Raise your hand if you LOVE a good Little Black Dress? {{Raising Hand...}}

Raise your hand if you own more than one LBD's?? {{Raising BOTH hands...}}

Every woman should own a nice fitting LBD. If not one, they should own several!

However, if you own one, here are 5 ways to style it!

The Little Black Dress is the perfect canvas for any outfit. You can dress it up, dress it down. Take it from the working day time to a fun party night time.

So, get your style notebook ready! I've got some great tips for your LBD wardrobe!

Our first outfit is meant for the office. Classic black dress with black pumps. Adding a texture tote + pearls = perfect outfit. This outfit doesn't just go for the office, it can go for dinner out, too. Wearing this outfit to the symphony or theatre is impeccable style.

Now, let's go to Brunch with the Girls. We take the same Black Dress adding a striped structured jacket and purple kitten heels. Have you ever worn kitten heals? Wow, are they wonderful! They can be casual enough for the morning hours, yet elegant enough to keep the style chic. A simple clutch and textured gold jewelry add the perfect accents, completing this outfit.

This is fun, isn't it??

Does anyone else like to dress up when they go to the Farmers market?? Oh, no? Well, huh... While this ensemble may be a bit too dressy for market shopping, it sure is cute! And, you can see how adding fun red flats and a red 3/4 length blazer makes this outfit a bit more casual. When going the casual route, keep your jewelry and accessories to a minimum. Simple watch for keeping up with the time, and stud earrings is all your need!

Let's talk Date Night. Not that I go on any dates...  Plain black dress + textured Crocodile clutch + AMAZING pink pumps + funky jewelry = Outfit of Choice! Seriously, I would wear this to many functions, not just date night. Charity functions, cocktail parties, evening weddings, etc. When wearing earrings that are relatively exciting there is no need to wear a necklace.

Moving on...

Here is an example of wearing a black dress in a casual setting. A light colored cardigan and some comfy flats create the superb outfit for a Sunday afternoon. If you wanted to dress it up a little more, add some nude colored pumps. Subtle, yet classically chic!

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  1. My "Trouble Maker" outfit doesn't fit the theme, but it would be great to put on after you take that black dress off!! =) btw - LOVEEE your blog!!