Plain, Pattern & Texture ... What?!

On Monday, I wrote about using three basic elements in your daily wardrobe. Knowing how to use Plain, Pattern, and Texture isn't hard! I've made a few Polyvore sets to show you!


Using texture is the more difficult of the three - there is a fine line between perfect texture and over-done texture. Using a statement shirt, such as this sequined top is the a great use of texture. That is your "main" piece - the one you want people to notice the most. It is the focal point of your ensemble. the bag has a pattern (as well as the subtle texture of the crocodile!), and the shoes are simple and plain. Adding the fun jade colored jewelry gives this get up a little more definition!

 This is a great outfit to wear to the office. I love the recent trend of the peplum! Add cute dalmation polka dots and this top is a great example! It has a deep pattern that stands out - The red bag is your texture. The shoe-jewelry combo are you plain factor.

*One tip about wearing statement tops or pieces like the polka dot or the sequined top - everything else needs to be understated. Otherwise, your outfit will become too "crowded!"*

 The standard LBD is the perfect platform for adding fun items. This Little Black Dress has  slight texture in the fabric. While this outfit is in the black family, the *super* fun seamed fish net hose add great texture and depth. The jewelry is sparkly with definitive pattern. The shoes are plain!

See? Using Plain, Pattern and Texture really are rather simple. You just have to decide which factor you are going to use most!

How do you use The Three??


  1. Neat!! I'm visiting from Fashion Friday but I love this!! i am always trying to create new outfits from my current closet and I never thought about using plain, pattern, & texture!! Awesome!! =)

  2. Hey! Anna! So glad you found this helpful! Hopefully this will help your outfit making a little easier! Thanks so much for visiting! ~ Ashley