Learning to Say No!

Well, yesterday I made the big list-o wannabe things. I'm hoping they won't be wannabe things - but we will see! {That is totally NOT the attitude I need to have is it???}

I have been reading Kari Chapin's Grow Your Handmade Business and I just love it! This great business/career inspiring book has an entire CHAPTER devoted to saying no. The chapter is called "Tender Loving Care" - and Kari repeats herself in saying that using the phrase "no" can be more helpful than detrimental.

I have made my own set of Printables that I will be putting in matching frames and hanging them over my desk. {Well, the wall where my desk is set.}



This will help me feel more 
confident in saying no.  

You are more than welcome to download these and print them for your own personal campaign! If you are not subscribing to Sweetpea Lifestyle, go ahead and DO IT! I'd love to make my "home" in your feed!

Are there any great ways you have of saying no? I'd love for you to share!

Cheers to Saying No!

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  1. Not even just because your name is also my name, but because this is so absolutely awesome is how much I LOVE this post! :)

    1. Yay for the name Ashley! It is a bit of a serious stretch for me to put this 'out there!' Now, I have to do it! That's the hard part...