Learning to Save More Money - The Dave Ramsey Way!

At the end of last month, I linked up to a great blog post. I listed 25 "things" I want to accomplish in my 25th year. If you are just joining me, you can read my list HERE.

#6 Save More Money.

Have you heard of the Money-Saving-Get-Out-of-Debt-and-Live-Free man: Dave Ramsey??? He is a money saving maverick, who believes in no credit, paying cash for everything and "living like no one else so you can LIVE like no else."

The first thing on the "sub-to-do-list" for Saving More Money is creating a budget. At the bottom of this post is a great tool from Dave Ramsey's website where YOU can create a budget for yourself in less than a minute.

Do it.

It's easy.

And, it helps you see what money you are making, where it is going, and where you can SAVE money!

I cannot recommend his iHeartradio station enough: Dave Ramsey Channel! Just listening to his advice, to the success stories of listeners, and hearing the DEBT FREE screams everyday is inspirational! He will have you fired up for Financial Freedom in no time flat.

Reading his books: Financial Peace, Entreleadership & Total Money Makeover will get you in the proper mind set to begin saving money and investing well. He teaches you the tools you need to be successful in your money life, and ultimately be successful in life.

Dave believes that EVERY dollar you make should have a "home." A place in the budget - making every cent accountable for something: whether that be a car payment, house payment, utilities, groceries, clothing, etc. Dave urges people to quickly adapt to using his Envelope System to help you begin paying cash for everything!

The envelope system gives you categories, and each pay check, you allocate a certain amount to that envelope. While using plain envelopes is fine, I wanted something that would HELP me. In order to HELP me, I needed something that is cute and girly and gets me excited each time I use it...

Dee Dee!!

I used my handy-dandy-sewing machine to put together several envelopes and one BIG envelope to hold all.

Meet my envelope systems: I made one for Lizanne, too! I keep them in my purse, and use the categories of: Gas, Groceries, Out (either eating out or buying something fun, it's up to me.), and Gifts. Once the money is gone from one envelope, that's it. No more. I cannot take from other envelopes!

Depending on your income and your family, different percentages will go into your envelopes. You could also add envelopes for: clothing, utilities, etc.

With any money leftover, I put the leftover money from the envelopes into a savings account with my bank. Sometimes, if I have $ leftover in my Grocery envelope or my Out envelope, I roll it over to the next month - if I know I will be out of town and want a little more extra spending $.

Dave has other great tips for saving money, beginning the process of Financial Freedom and getting your life back.

Any money saving tips you want to share??

Be on the look out for an upcoming Etsy shop revision, and the envelope system added to it! As well as budget tracking worksheets that fit into your wallet!

*No, I was not paid to advertise this product! I just love it THAT MUCH!

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  1. That's the prettiest envelope system I've ever seen! Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud...: )