Essential Undergarments

Let's get really close, shall we??

If you are going to be indulging in this season's hottest trends, you need to be fully equipped with proper undergarments. These items should not only be a staple in your wardrobe, but an everyday occurance. Our grandmother's were right - clothing looks MUCH better when "suited up" each day.

I'll take you through each item, tell you why you should own one, and why/how you should wear it.

First up!

A proper fitting bra...

Let's get real: in order for you to have a proper fitting brassiere, you need to go to the store of your choosing {I only recommend Soma - the lingerie store inside Chico's!} and be fitted. Yes, with the woman right there, in all your business. Is it a bit embarrassing? Maybe.... Awkward? Most definitely. However, if you are not a "Fit Specialist" you don't know what looks good and what fits well. You think you do... Alas, that is a whole other post I will delve into later this season.... Get ready!

The only colors you should own is black and nude. Nude goes under E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. And, black should always, always, always be worn under black clothing.

Having a good "t-shirt" bra and a strapless are all you need. Well, maybe two or three of each. But, this gets into the Bra Fit & Care post!

Secondly, you need underwear that will HELP you. Not add to your issues. {Who wants added issues?!}

Proper fitting panties...

Not just your regular $5 pair. You need at least one pair that will not show the dreaded Panty Line... So unattractive.....!  Pick a pair that will hold your bum in and up a tinge. {Told you we were going to get close! ;-)} Your behind will look firmer and better in your jeans, dresses, skirts and so forth if you are wearing something with a little more oomph.

And, please, PLEASE do not wear a thong without a slip. Or under a cotton dress that clings...

Example of Undergarment Foul Play:

When the person is wearing a thong, and they think no one can tell they are wearing one.... But, they didn't wear a slip, so the whole shebang is present..... And everything clings to their derriere.... Totally unattractive and VERY avoidable.

Just saying...

Now, speaking of slips!

Seriously, buy a slip. 

I can't stress enough how wearing a slip makes the difference.... This is the item that you can never go wrong with! It doesn't need to expensive. You can either buy a full slip {pictured above!} or a half slip if you plan on wearing dresses with spaghetti straps or strapless. This piece makes all the difference. Promise!

A nice camisole like the nude one pictured in the bottom right corner is also a great item to have. It will make your shirts and blouses look great. Keeping everything "contained" and firm.

Only in the last 20 years have people stopped wearing "girdles" - but they are back. And, oh how they make a difference! Adding a pair of Spanx, or Sara Blakely's sister brand Assets is once again, ESSENTIAL! The three nude ones in the image are examples of the different kinds:

1. High waisted - looks best on everyone. No lines or rolls to deal with. Must have item.

2. High waisted-Brief Shaper. Why is it called a "brief shaper?" I think you can see why.... It's like really tall underwear!

3. Mid-Thigh Shaper. I only recommend this one if you are a size 00, and even then, I wouldn't..... Stick with the High Waisted all around.

And, that is it!

Add these great pieces to your wardrobe and watch your clothes instantly look better.

Do you have a favorite lingerie pice you just adore??

****I was not paid to support Assests or Soma Stores. They have no idea who I am, just an avid fan who loves lingerie.****


  1. This is a comfortable bra that fits perfectly under all my clothes. I have worn this style for maybe 5 years. They are just what I wanted. Totally met my expectations! I would recommended barely there 2417

  2. Buying a bra that fits is life changing! Seriously. I was WAY off before being properly fitted.

  3. An informative post definitely.