**Happy Hour Friday**: Cherry Limeade!

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 I love Happy Hour.

But, in North Carolina, there is no "happy hour" allowed.

What does that mean??

We have to make our own!!

What is better on a hot day than a Homemade Cold Cherry Limeade, with a little added P-U-N-C-H to it!

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 This is an easy recipe that can be "traded" out for any fruit. I just happen to enjoy marachino cherries by the jarful. Seriously.

Cherry Limeade +

1.5 parts Coconut Rum {as in Malibu!}
1 part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice + the lime itself
1 part Marachino Cherries + the Syrup {{{{....best part....}}}}
3 parts Lemon-Lime Soda 

Pour all items into a mason jar, put the lid on and flip a couple times. Open up and enjoy! 

You should probably sit on a front porch while drinking this, maybe even in a rocker.

Come back each Friday for a great cocktail to help get your weekend started!

Cheer, Friends!

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  1. Checking in from instafriday :)

    That looks DELICIOUS! Yum. No happy hour? What!?! I would die without happy hour ;p But you are right, just make your own! How fun.