Andrea's Blogher Outfit!

My friend {I'm calling you that, okay?}, Andrea {she blogs, too! super fun and informative blog!} needed a little help finishing her outfit for Blogher.  So, I offered my advice, then LOVED the other gals input! They offered great suggestions from bright belts to teal pumps to bib necklaces. I think we would all make a great design team!

I logged onto Polyvore and started playing around with different styles.

I finally settled on this look below:

Want to know my favorite part about his outfit???!

The blazer. 3/4 length Blazer.

I want.

I need.

I am always pushing the sleeves of my cardigans up to 3/4 length, and LOVE the idea of this blazer being "pre-pushed." Is that a word?? Oh, well, I'm using it.

When planning an outfit, I like to take any and everything I want to wear with it. Then, pair down from there. I usually don't wear a necklace, unless it's Opera Length: you, know, the really long ones. {I start feeling claustrophobic real quick!} I love to wear big cocktail rings and bracelets. And earrings. Love me some earrings!

Coco Chanel said it best: 
"Before you leave the house, 
look in the mirror, 
remove one accessory."

Every woman should have this quote posted on her mirror.  

I love accessories as much as my shoes, but wearing too many can make a perfect outfit a wreck a train! 

So, ladies. Let's all make a promise to NOT walk out of the house with our entire jewelry box on! 

As far as purchasing accessories: I have compiled a Link List of where I love to peruse for jewelry! I hope this helps in the never ending search for the perfect pair of earrings! 


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  1. Adorable! Love the soft colors! And I would own 3/4 everything if I could!!!