14 Items Every Business Woman Should Own

These are the items you need in your closet if you are in business.

{I would like to say you should probably have them, even if you are not "in business" - EVERY woman needs to own these!}

You can print out this handy-check-list if you'd like! It is a JPEG that you can save to your desktop, print, and begin checking off!

It is often said that the higher price you pay, the better quality you receive.

It really is true! For the "Essentials" you should seriously consider making a proper investment. You will thank yourself later! If you purchase quality items, they will last you a lifetime!

All these items are easily interchangeable: creating many, many outfits from these 14 items!

Here is a list of places you can invest in quality Three Piece Suits {skirt, jacket & trousers, all sold separately}:

Ann Taylor - they have many choices for suits. However, in my opinion, it is best to stick with the classic black, with the classic fit and lines. If you are to spend over $500 on these items, you want to be able to wear them for a L-O-N-G time! And you will, if you have them tailored to your body, dry clean only, and store them properly: i.e. Hang them on SUIT hangers - like these, from Huggable Hangers.

Talbots - another winner for suits! And, all things classy. While their styles are keeping rather trendy these days, they still have the "main-stays" that are perfect for filling all your "essentials!"

*****A Few Suit Shopping Tips*****

1. Dress yourself properly: wear your Spanx, the correct fitting bra, bring a slip that you would wear under your skirt/dress. 

2. Put on makeup and do your hair: you will feel so much better about trying on all these items if you look and feel good!

3. Try ALL the items on, and try multiples of the same size on - Just to be sure! 

4. If something does not fit "just right" ask the store for recommendations on tailors. Most retailers have a list of recommended tailors who can assist you in the proper fit of your suit items.

What items would you add to the Essential List???

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  1. Love your essential list!i would add some sparkly stud earrings, diamonds or faux and a funky colorful bracelet or two.

  2. This list is fabulous. I'd add a colored blazer - a trend that is bound to stay, with its ability to jazz up a black outfit!

  3. Love this list. Pearls, check, SPANX, check, Cardigans, super check.

    Looks like I need to purchase some black items!

  4. At first glance it seems like alot of items, but really it is one suit with all the parts to go with it!

    I would add some brightly coloured blouses to wear with the suit. Gotta have some colour!!

  5. I am LOVING all these suggestions! yes to sparkly stud earrings! And brightly colored blouses! XOXO

  6. I'm new to the corporate world (second year as an intern) and I must say these tips are perfect! So glad to have found your blog from SITS :)

    xo Shane

  7. this a great list-- SPANX-- that's the number one essential :)

    Say hello from Sharefest!

    New follower!