Tips for Packing, Beautifully!

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With many trips on the horizon in the next few months, I have been pre-planning what items I will take with me. Yes, I do know most of the trips are a month or so away, but I like to plan. I like to know exactly what I will be carrying, and how I will be carrying it!

Also..... I love to pack.

Love it. 

It may just be my most favorite part of a trip.

I love putting together outfits and combining pieces that are simple, yet cohesive.

My one rule for packing is this: 


Do not take an item that you 
can only wear one time - 
take items that can be used 
more than several times! 

The items in the picture above can be worn many, many different ways. 

The mustard colored jacket works with all the items - it also adds a big pop of color. 

The scarf is for necessity, as well as added color. 

Add the mustard colored jacket & pink scarf to the jeans and black crew neck and you have a lovely outfit. 

Use the items 'non-traditionally' - like: Pull the black maxi skirt up to your heart, add the pink belt, mustard jacket & black pumps - You have a fabulous evening look, that you didn't need to pack in a garment bag! 

From the clothing items I have listed, you can wear more than 20 different outfits. 

As far as shoes go, I love shoes. However, when traveling, I stick to THREE PAIRS MAX

One comfy (Sperry's!), one pair of cute flats (pink bows!!) & one pair of heels (Just in case...!) 

Jewelry: I love me some jewelry. But, jewelry can be heavy. I pack a pair of stud earrings, pearl drops & a pearl necklace. That really is all a girl needs in her closet, ever. But who can live with just THAT!??? 

The hand bags shown are very multi-purpose. The fabulous quilted Big Buddha can be used to transport all your traveling needs - iPad, wallet, magazines, etc. The clutch fits nicely into the bigger bag. So when you go out in the evenings, instead of hauling the bulky bag - take the clutch with just your necessary items in it! 

How do you pack? Do you have specifics you take with you? 

Next week I will show you just HOW I pack my carry on. It works perfectly, for me!

Happy Travels, Friends!

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  1. Love it! Will be using this tomorrow as I head to see that boy we know and love :) Keep the awesome blogging, sweet girl!

  2. We did the same post today! Its fate!!!

    Love your tips - my big problem is shoes. My last ONE NIGHT getaway I brought FIVE PAIRS of shoes. No joke.

    Stopping by from fashion friday


  3. What a great list! Love your rule for packing only multi-purpose items. So true.