Learning Style

I love Pinterest. 

Who doesn't??? 

I have learned a lot about myself through Pinterest.

I have learned what I love, what I thought I loved, and what my home will {someday hopefully} look like.

I have learned super nifty tricks for cleaning, organizing, cooking, shopping, etc.

One thing that is ever evolving, is my sense of style. While it doesn't necessarily change drastically, it is refined daily. It has added 'hip-trendy' items that enhance the classic items I love.

When you view my 'Couture' pin board, you will find muted colors - blacks - whites - pinks. But, bursts of colors, such as this fabulous look:

I love teal for an added pop of color. Especially on shoes! This beautifully muted cream dress with a hint of teal on the earrings and clutch, then the shoes... Perfection.

Take this classic, strapless black dress from Talbots:

Add those teal heels from up top, and you have a classic outfit that is quite trendy. And easy!

EVERYONE looks good in a well-fitted black dress!  

Add your personal sense of style of shoes and accessories, and that plain LBD is YOURS!

I love a typical 'day at the office' look. I have always dreamed of working in a corner office.... Just to wear the clothes....

Lovely monochromatic browns, with hints of gold jewelry.

Try using the same color throughout your outfit.

Pale pink blouse with a hot pink pencil skirt looks oh so chic, rather than pale pink blouse with plain black skirt. Using a monochromatic color scheme elongates the body, adding a fluidity that can only be achieved with like colors.

monochromatic: of or having ONE color.

Another 'look' that may puzzle people:

The MAXI Dress:

Despite many opinions, Maxi dresses look good on any and everyone. Seriously. Short people, making them look taller. Tall people, enhancing their height with simplicity. 

I absolutely LOVE this look! Simple Maxi dress, belt, scarf & jacket. Comfy, easy, and 'put together.'

What are some of your favorite looks?

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