My hair is my pride and joy.

I love it.

I'm not bragging, I just have super great hair, and I am ever thankful for it!

That being said, I have a few favorite hair products I would never live without!

(I say this a lot... I could live without them, if I chose to. But, I don't think I'm willing to make that decision, just quite yet....)

Here I am! Thanks, Katie Girl for making me feel beautiful, and taking some fabulous new images!

I wash my hair with Wen. I have proclaimed my love for Wen on Pinterest and to all who will listen anywhere I go!

It's different from shampoo - it is a cleansing CONDITIONER... So, now lather. Just creamy-creaminess, and feels like you are NOT washing your hair. Filled with wonderful plant extracts and no sulfate, this rich conditioner keeps my hair from looking like this:

 I loathe tangles. It reminds me of standing in front of our bathroom sink as a child, my mom yanking on my hair..... The majority of my younger years were spent with short hair - TANGLE FREE.

One thing I love best about the 'shampoo' is the fact that I basically, massage it into my hair/scalp, throw my hair up on top of my head and LEAVE IT.

A couple minutes after I've let it sit on top of my head, I take it down and comb through it with two different sized combs. One wide tooth, to remove the residual tangles (near the nape of my neck...due to scarf wearing...) then comb through with a fine tooth comb. This ensures every strand is cleaned and conditioned.

Rinse! And done!

I used to spend a good 10-20 minutes combing through my hair when  I used normal shampoo/conditioners. Now, I take my Turbie Twistie off, and can comb through like BUTTER!

{If you don't own a Turbie Twistie, it is great! Buy something for yourself! You deserve it!}

Most days I will leave my hair to dry naturally, which is curly.

{No picture available.}

However, like you see in the first picture, I blow dry my hair using a few simple products.

First up, my trusty hair brush!

I like to 'roll' my hair as I dry it - since I have Rapunzel length hair, I use one of those HUGE, FAT brushes you see in the hair aisle and wonder WHO would EVER use THAT! (I thought that for years, but like most things I doubt, say I will never do, etc - I use one!)

The only thing I do not like about this brush is the gel grip. Yes, it is comfy - however, where the gel and the top of the brush meet is the culprit. There is a SUPER TINY space that traps my hair when rolling it up, then when I begin unrolling, it pulls it out.....

so not fun.

The main reason I love this brush, is because it is hollow in the center. Using a hollowed brush that has holes allows your hair to dry faster and more even. When using a round brush that is not hollow, my hair drys on the top, but not the bottom. Taking SO much longer to dry. And, after half an hour of standing there, drying & rolling, I don't want to add ANYMORE time!

I dry my hair in 8 sections. Starting with the back underside, working my way to the front top side.

I dry my hair with a Ultra Quiet Hair Dryer.

Now, I hate to say this, but I have had this baby since 8th grade! And, I can tell it is going to die soon.... But, they don't make it anymore! I love the quiet sound and the powerful air it provides.

Oh, dear beloved hair dryer, please do not die on me this year. I need to search high and low for the next perfect dryer!

If I'm feeling really fun (not too often!) I like to curl my hair with a big ole 1.5 inch curling iron.

I use this Conair 1.5 inch Curling Iron.

I like it.

Don't love it.

The ONLY reason I don't L.O.V.E. it is...

The on/off buttons are right where my hand sits, and when I roll my hair up, about every third strand I turn it off...... Very annoying.  Other than that, it does a great job!

And, to add to my 1995-ness, I love to spray my whole head down with my favorite hair spray:

If you haven't seen Hairspray, watch this, it's a great musical!

I may or may not dance around while I spray this lovely hairspray.....

I think that finishes my hair faves.

Whew, long post!

Are there any products you just LOVE for your hair???

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  1. You look lovely--but lovely on the inside makes lovely on the outside!

    And what is on your lips? A combination of things I'm sure, and hopefully not too much gloss since little people and gloss don't mix!