These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Hey Ya'll!

Whew - what a whirlwind past SEVERAL weeks it has been. I have been to the beach, completed a total of 15 papers, and vacationed in Washington DC! DC was wonderful - cannot wait to share my pictures and tell about everything we did.

In an effort to {try} and make myself presentable every day (believe me, it doesn't happen often, but I'm trying to change that!) I have compiled a list of items I simply cannot live without.

We begin with Origins, one of my favorite skincare/makeup providers. I have very sensitive skin and their products help my irritation prone skin immensely. Each morning and evening I cleanse using this:

Their FABULOUS "Clean Energy" cleanser. This smells so yummy of oranges and lemon, full of essential oils and vitamins that give my skin a healthy glow. This is a great option for the cooler months ahead! Most cleansers dry out your skin, however this cleanser doesn't even feel like a cleanser. It is all different kinds of oils put together, and when water is added (at the end of massaging my face!) it becomes this frothy-milky substance. Leaving no residue, and a very clean, moisturized feeling. Next we move on to A Perfect World, with SPF 25. Talk about smelling yummy..... This jar of goodness is grand. My face stays hydrated all day long, I no longer need to carry face moisturizer with me and put it on through out the day. This little baby coats your skin with a blanket of moisture and also shielding from the sun. Amazing!

Now we move to my new MOST FAVORITE tool, ever. Underwear for Lids.

It looks like a tube of lipstick, but it goes on your eyelids. It is meant to be used as a primer, before adding eye shadow, but most days I just run it over my lids, add some mascara (which is coming up next!) and run out the door. When I add eye shadow on top of the 'underwear' it stays put and illuminated all day. Just what I need! Thanks, Origins!

Mascara. I love mascara. I also love my eyelashes. Love them. I'm not bragging, it's just one of the very few 'parts' I am content with. I use several mascaras through out the year (*be sure and swap your mascaras out every THREE months! Lots of bacteria can form on that wand!*) I recently got Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara, in black/brown. Whoa, baby! This stuff is POWERFUL. A few swipes and my lashes are coated with the lightest feeling mascara, each lash is separated and looks beautiful. Yay!

You can order this amazing mascara, HERE, on my sweet friend, Ashley's, Mary Kay website. She is amazing, she will help you discover the beauty WITHIN yourself, as well as help you feel pretty on the outside!

I also love lip stick. Lip gloss. Lip liner. I have fond memories of my mother's Loreal #231 lipstick. She has always worn red, winey lips! If you opened my purse you will find MANY different lip 'things' - chaptick (L'Occitane is my preferred chapstick!), maybelline lipstick, and lots of different colors. I have come to really prefer Mary Kay's Fancy Nancy Nourishine Lip Gloss.

Such a neutral, yet doesn't make your lips look naked shade - goes with any outfit, and stays on for quite awhile! I also have the Berry Sparkle shade - this one is a great shade! Dark enough to make a statement, but not 'in your face berry lips!'

Now, it is evening, and I have used my Clean Energy cleanser. I then use my newest moisturizer that is also Mary Kay! (See, I told you Ashley was awesome! She knows just what a girl needs!) The Oil-Free Hydrating Gel goes on my skin like butter.

If you get anything from what I have just told you about, get this product. Your skin will love you more and more each day!

Now, go purchase some of (or all!) of these items! You will not be disappointed, and you may become a believer!

And, it's ROctober, best month out of the year. I love Fall.

In honor of my favorite month, I am GIVING AWAY one Underwear for Lids stick, in your preferred shade! Leave some love on Facebook, on Twitter and in the comments, and Friday I will reveal the winner!

Cheers, beautiful friends! 


  1. Read your updated blog post by way of Pinterest:) Thanks for all the make-up reviews! I'm always on the search for better mascara...might just have to try some from Mary Kay.

  2. I have the Gold Rush shade of the Mary Kay Nourishine lip gloss and LOVE it! Thanks for all of your tips!

  3. Like that underwear for lids stuff! I love not having an extra brush or tool to keep up with/wash/remove from my toddler's hand before it heads into the toilet. Maybe I'll have to try it...don't know where to buy Origins but I'll find out!

  4. Mary Kay mascara. Amen!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I love new leads on make up. :)