Closet Staples!

Happy weekend, y'all!

My name is Lizanne, and as sweet Ashley has allowed me to a post on her wonderful blog, today's post is from me!

Normally, on my blog, which describes the ins and outs of a current second-year law student/wannabe- inaugural cast member of Real Housewives of South Georgia, I write about super fun things like appellate briefs, oral arguments, and case analyses. Wop wop wop!

However, today I get to write about one of my other loves (and coughcough possibly one of the motivational aspects of obtaining a law degree cough): CLOTHES! 

Today's post can be considered similar to those handy "pantry staples" lists you find on foodie blogs and within the articles of your favorite Martha/Real Simple/Food network mags.

Except, this list is SO much more fabulous than those that feature bread crumbs and balsamic vinegar (although I hold them both dear to my heart). Trust me on this ladies! ;) This list, along with your unique adaptations, will help you build a simple, classic wardrobe sure to help you look lovely whatever the occasion may be!

Also, just like with any other "must-have list" feel free to adapt it to your style/budget/preferences! I have attempted to include pieces from all price ranges.

Ok, so, y'all ready to get started?

I've broken all my picks down in categories:

Essential Black Items:
Everyone looks good in black! Slimming, goes with anything, perfection!

Tank Top
Those ribbed tanks from 9th grade and/or college spring break? Kiss them goodbye and send them to cleaning rag heaven! Go for a sleek, fitted tank that can go under fun blouses and shawl cardigans. One with "muffin top sucking" capabilities (just being honest here, people!) is always a good choice too!
Find this one here.

Short-Sleeved Tee
Gotta love something so soft, comfy, easily washable...and flattering! 
Yes yes Gap's favorite tee.

Long-Sleeved Tee
Same as above, only warmer. ;) Perfect for layering.
Ah, tissue tees! Love love. 

Pencil Skirt
Oh, the pencil skirt! Can't think of a better way to show off your awesome curves and legs... in a classy way! Perfect for the office (with cute blouse tucked in) or out on the town!
How do I love thee LOFT? Let me count the ways...

Nobody, and I mean not-a-single-body, looks bad in a pair of good-fitting black pants.
That's all I have to say about that!
Find these babies here!

Oh, the Little Black Dress! Everyone looks amazing in the LBD of their pick! Wear it to work with a blazer, on a date with a cardigan, or to any "nicer" event by itself! You can find them most anywhere, and you have my permission to buy more than one! Pair them with some great black pumps, or a FUN colored heel for some color pop! ;)

This dress can be found http://www.whitehouseblackmarket.com.

Fitted Jacket
Pair with the above-mentioned skirt, pants, or LBD for a great "working woman" look. Orrrrrr throw over top a fun shirt and jeans for a cute everyday outfit. Ah, the possibilities with this beauty!
Bloomies, I can't wait to afford you!

Essential White Items:

Button Up
It doesn't get anymore "staple" than the white oxford shirt! Fall? Layer with jeans and a cardigan. Winter? Wear under a pretty sweater. Spring? Tuck into some colorful shorts and add a fun necklace. Summer? Leave open over top your favorite bathing suit. Perfect at work, perfect at play. A great investment all around! :)

Oh, Banana!

Linen Pants
Perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons! And oh-so-cool and comfy! You'll feel and look great! Pair with a fun, ruffled sleeveless top tucked in and some fun espadrilles!
My all-time favorite linen pants come from my all-time favorite place.

Colorful Items
Add some fun flair to the wardrobe!

Beautiful and fun with jeans and some simple sandals, or as a colorful and classy edition to a business suit- you can't go wrong with a patterned bow blouse!
Cannot wait for their semi-annual sale!

Sleeveless Shell
Perfect under a suit jacket, or alone with some nice slacks!
Such classic pieces from this store!

Cocktail Dress
There are so many fun dress options for fun nights out! A good one that fits well is a great investment!
Lots of fun dresses here!

 Multiple colors, never enough! Perfect for any time of year!
A budget-friendly option here!

Casual Essentials
For any day of the week!

Straight Legged Jeans
Who doesn't LOVE a great pair of blue jeans? Go with a straight-legged, dark wash to get a slim, long-legged look!
Great jeans at a great price :)

Soooo comfy and perfect for layering in the cooler months!
The tissue ones from here make you want to wear them everyday!

Shawl Cardigan
I love that these have come on the fashion scene lately! They have the feel of your favorite sweatshirt, but are feminine and flattering!
Love all the sweaters from this classic catalogue. :)

Cotton Dress
Perfect by itself in the warmer season, or with tights and a cute jacket when it turns colder! So many options, and so cute too!
Comfy and cute here!

Shoes & Accessories
No explanation needed here...these two speak for themselves! :)

Ballet Flats

Get some here!


Nice Sandals
My all-time favorites!

A couple funky pairs!
Full of fun picks!

Everyday wear for any classy gal!

Diamond Studs

Funky Necklace
To dress up those "plain" tees and cardigans!

Fun Bangles

All of these options can be mixed and matched to make a GREAT outfit you can feel comfortable and confident in! When picking these pieces, spending a little extra for higher quality will pay off since they will never go out of style!

Whew, ok y'all! I think that's it for now!

Thanks for browsing all my closet "staples"!

What do you think? Tell us,

What are your closet staples and/or favorite wardrobe pieces?

So happy to share with you today, lovely readers,


  1. Love the Tiffany earrings. Really, what's not to love?!

  2. Love this post...it gives me a place to start. I need a wardrobe overhaul! Love you both, L and A!!

  3. What a great list! Thanks for posting this :)

  4. Oh man! I think I blushed when you said goodbye to the ribbed cotton tanks! Lol at Mama's wardrobe overhaul. Me too!! L, come do it for me! (Excited about cowboy boot shopping for my birthday!)