Meal Planning 101!

I love organizing. I love items that help me simplify my life, but that don't add extra steps.

I have created a great 'meal planning' download for you to use. This meal planner has spaces for lunch and dinner, for all seven days of the week. Included below the planner is a grocery list. Once your meals have been planned, add the items you need to purchase at the market.

I will be laminating mine, and using a 'Vis-aVis' marker. That way, I can plop it on the fridge, see what I have planned, and add market items as they are needed. You can purchase this download HERE!

Here are the few steps I take when planning weekly meals:

Weekly Meal Planning 101

On Sunday, I begin by looking through our weekly grocery ads, checking to see if there is anything I can make from what is on sale. Then, I check the pantry to see if I have anything else on hand that can go with my meals. Following these two steps, I then create my meals and market list.

Now, hop in the car and head to the store!

When in the store, I take my time. I look at the items on my list, and purchase them. If I find a spectacular sale on something I may buy it, but not usually... Stick to the list!

After putting away all the groceries, I begin my prep work. Prepping all the items that you can BEFORE your meal saves time when you go to prepare your meal! (Who doesn't LOVE saving time???) Chop all your veggies, proteins, etc and place either in glass containers or in small plastic bags, inside one big bag - labelled according to the specific meal and place in fridge. It also helps to have an organized fridge that is clean and tidy. I love using Mrs. Meyers products to clean out the gunk that forms! Keeping everything tidy and neat inside your fridge makes it less likely you have molding things... Discovered weeks later.... YUCK!

Now, after you have prepped all your food items you are ready for the week! Come 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, you know what you are making. You know where your ingredients are, you know you won't be spending precious time chopping and dicing - all you have to do is


Woo hooooo!!!

Now, of course, this is my plan. Take these steps and adapt them to you and your families needs! Use this as a guideline to help you figure out a plan. What works for me may not work for you, and that is okay!!!

How do you organize your meal planning?

Enjoy your day!

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