How To... 'Pinterest'

Have I told you about my latest OBSESSION???! It really is an obsession - or an addiction - or a time waster - OR a very creative outlet..... Any way you put it, I love it. Not only can I save 'ideas' for future projects, I can type in any word and pictures will come up!

Don't know how to 'pinterest' - I'm going to show you. You will love me.... However, if you are not on Pinterest and would like to be, let me know. I'll send you an invite.... Yeah, it's that cool, invite only!

Alright, here we have the opening page of Pinterest. When I click on my short cut, this is what comes up. It shows all the people I follow - as in, what they have been pinning most recently. The farther you scroll down, the more you see. When you click the 'Everything' button at the top (in blue!) you will see everything that is being pinned currently. I love clicking on Everything and seeing what others are pinning.

These are my 'boards' - boards are like the bulletin boards you fill with ideas of what to make next, articles you want to come back and read, recipes, crafts, home goods, etc - these are your digital INSPIRATION BOARDS.... and, for the OCD, like myself, you have different boards for different categories! I have 40 different categories - I like things organized and in their place.

See something you like? Pin it! When you scroll over the images, three boxes come up 'Repin' - 'Comment' - 'Like' ... You can do any and all of these things. If I love it, I repin it. I rarely 'Like' something, nor do I comment.

So, say I want to 'repin' that precious sleeping infant in the center of the screen shot.... I will click on 'Repin' and a box will come up....

I choose which board I would like it pinned to - since this is a photography inspiration, I am pinning it to my Photography Board....

Here is where I can add my thoughts on the pin. Normally, I do not add anything - unless I just really feel like it... It's fun to read other peoples comments.... People I do not know, but could be very best friends with! I love creative people! Now, press 'Repin' and the next screen will appear....

Woo hoo! Success! It's pinned.

Ok, so now you know what pinning is and what it looks like.

On Pinterest, if there is someone who is pinning things similar to your tastes, you can 'Follow' them... Sounds creepy, it's not. In this techologically savvy age, creeping is completely normal.

Here we have this person's boards.... I have no idea who she is, but I like her style. I want to follow her.  See the 'Follow All' button under her picture? Click and you're following all her pin boards! Woo hoo! You can also opt to follow just one board, if you just love one of her boards.

These are the basics of Pinterest. Now, go pin! I'm sorry if you will need a Pintervention in the weeks to come, it is not my fault... DO NOT blame me!

Happy Pinning!

Sweet Love, Cute Friends!


  1. I want an invite! This sounds fun!



  2. I want an invite! I love browsing photographs!