How to... Pinterest, Part Deux

One item I forgot to mention in this post... How you pin from a website! This is essential to pinning etiquette.

(Sorry for another long screen shot post...)

So, you're perusing the new line of hand bags on anthropologie.com - we will be best friends. anyone who shops there, I love.. Oh! See that cute clutch in the middle of screen? I want to pin it to my 'couture' pin board.... Click on your 'pin it' bookmark, and this screen will come up...

Whatever is on your screen, will show up in the pin board... I want to pin the clutch, so I click on the image I want.

A pop up window will POP UP (novel, I know...) and I can choose which board you would like to pin to. I am pinning it to my 'couture' board... It is a fashion item...

Type in my thoughts on the item.... And, click Pin It!

Ta daaaaaahhhhhhhh! It's pinned!

Now, let's go see it on my home pin board....

Oh, snap... There it is!

What will you be pinning today?

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