Behind the Scene: What Really Goes Into Your 4x6...

(This post is a bit of a stretch... Not many photographers would delve into the 'behind the scenes.' However, we are real people. We want you to know what we do and how much we LOVE doing it!) 

Most people gawk at our photography prices.  

They have no idea WHY anyone would pay THAT for a piece of paper. 

Well, I'm here to let you in a on a little secret: It's a LOT of work. Ready to see?

Great, come, let me show you:

You find us on the web, here, at our website. You fill in the contact info and press send. Your contact comes from a Showit Robot (Showit is awesome. If you need to build a website, they have the BEST software, promise!) - we read that info and reply to you. Hopefully we are replying within the same day, if not, it won't be long! Your shoot is scheduled and on the calendar. By now, we are already planning and creating items that add texture and appeal to your images. We hand make items specific to the shoot.

See these beds? They were mine when I was a little girl. My friends and I played with them over and over again. My grandmother made mattresses, pillows, and comforters for them - and I will forever ever cherish them. At Sweetpea Lifestyle Photography we LOVE heirloom items. When you think heirloom, you think super old.... Nope! These beds, I would consider an heirloom. I am hoping to pass this down to my daughter (if I have a daughter!), where she will make new memories with the beds.

Now, these beds were not cream colored.... I painted these the day before the shoot. It's not everyday we get to photograph twins - so we wanted this to be special! And, making your shoot "special" means we are spending many hours creating unique and different items that will make your session amazing. These headbands, were made just for Berkley & Canon! And, no, they are not just a flower hot glued on to some elastic... The flowers are pulled apart, hand sewn back together, and hand sewn to the elastic. Inside each flower are buttons and pearls... you can't even see them! 

You can also tell how teeny tiny the girls were! They were supposed to be baking in the oven!

 Below, are the sweet girls in cheese cloth. Not only does cheese cloth give a nice texture to images, it's able to be dyed. Next to the pink backdrop, it doesn't look pink, but, it was hand dyed, pink - just for these special twins!

If we are photographing your family, we think of creative ways to hold children's attention. Playgrounds, lollipops and bubbles work wonders!

 We try to bring your family to places that are fun and give your children places to play, to be themselves.

We want to see your children, 
not your "posed" children!

Alright, so we have already spent several hours planning for your shoot. The day of the shoot is here, we photograph you - 2 hours. Awesome, you are beautiful.

Generally, Kate and I each take anywhere from 200-300 images......  LOVE digital! We bring the images home, and import them into our computers. We cull through each image. Huh? Cull, what?!  

Photog Vocab! Culling is the "art" of choosing or selecting the perfect images to edit.

We each choose 20 to edit. And, here comes the time consuming process that Kate and I LOVE. (Secretly, we're Geeky Geeks. We love sitting in front of our computer screens, REALLY!) With each image we take our time. While photographers like to 'get through the batch' - we don't. These images will adorn your walls, they will become artwork. These are items we want your great grandchildren to see.  We will never show you images we are not extremely proud of - they are our heart and soul.

So, you want to know how long it takes to edit your 30 images? About 60+ hours between the two of us.


Yep. Sometimes, one image can take a few hours. This might make you think we are not very good photographers..... We know what we are doing. When using our cameras, we make sure the image we "shoot" is the best it can be INSIDE the camera - so, when we see it on our screen we are still proud of it.You might wonder what are we doing if the image inside the camera is good - well, we are playing with hues and saturations of colors. We are perfecting the image, yielding your beautiful self or children, just bright and poppy. (Poppy is a real word. I love poppy images.)

This is an example of a 'poppy' image - see how their skin tone pops? How they are bright and alive?

Now, we upload these images to a +site for you. What are +sites? Each client receives their very own +site. This site you can share with your family, friends, you can share on Facebook or your blog. It is yours to keep, forever! And, if you continue to use us as your family photographer, we will add your new images to this site. Giving you a digital keepsake!

Ok, we have scheduled the shoot, planned the shoot, photographed the subject, culled the images, edited, created a unique and personal +site, now we are to your viewing/ordering session.

Sweetpea Lifestyle Photography comes to your home for you to view your images. We don't send you a link with an order form.... No way! We bring a slideshow, customized to your family's style. We create Wall Display's that you can see. We show you the difference between ordering an 8x10 canvas and the WOW factor of ordering a 24x36 canvas. We look at your walls in your home - we suggest what we think would look best. We will even help you hang your artwork! An ordering session usually takes a little over an hour.

Once you have ordered your images, we upload them to our trusty printer. We receive the images, package them and hand deliver them to you! Receiving these heirloom items is cause for a celebration. Don't be surprised if we show up with a cupcake or two and some candles. We are thrilled to work with you, to call you our friend!

Whew! Are you tired yet? 

Yes, each with each client we "spend" and average of 70 hours working on their order. See? It's not just taking a picture and sending it to Kinko's. So, when that $1250 price tags makes you want to scream, if you paid us by the hour you would be spending well over $2000!

KBW's amazing shot

We believe everyone is beautiful. We believe everyone should have their lives journal through photographs. You will treasure your images for years to come! ( No, I'm not gloating, it's just true! I love looking at my mother's images from when she was 5!)

Documenting your history is our pleasure, 
we would love to be a part of your world.

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