What's In My Purse.....

Hello, my name is Ashley & I'm a pocketbook-aholic. I carry wayy too much stuff inside all my different bags, and I own wayy too many bags. But, I just never know when I may have to carry that certain bag with the cute design INSIDE it! And, I like to have all the "stuff" inside my bag - so it needs to be on the bigger side.

Yesterday, I spilled the contents of my bag onto the table, organized and took a picture. (Just for nostalgia's sake!) I was quite amazed? at how much junk this bag can hold! I consider this purse a smaller pocketbook, and I've been meaning to switch it out for sometime.

Starting from the top:

1. Trusty, amazing, all knowing iPhone. I can't say enough about Apple products!
2. Coupon envelope...
3. Ikea pencil (I went to Ikea over a year ago...), Ticonderoga pencils (my FAVORITE writing utensil), and fun colored pens.
4. 12 house keys
5. Haute Look coupon - if you are not a member, tell me! I'll invite you! Great deals, scored everyday.
6. Library book list
7. Two sets of keys to the same car (huh?!), keys to my car, one spare key that doesn't fit our cars
8. Bottle of black paint.... just in case, duh.
9. iPhone charger cord, that I have been look for!
10. Envelope with recipes in it, but grocery list on the outside.
11. Directions to someone's house... I have no idea who or where I was going....
12. One of my THREE (Target!) mini notebooks - LOVE THIS ITEM. I write down blog ideas, recipes ideas, app ideas, etc in here. It fits inside my wallet, too!
13. Eyebrow brush.
14. Eyelash curler - NEVER leave home with out it.
15. Mascara - NEVER leave home without it. (Mainly, because I forget these items are in there...)
16. 3 Lipsticks, 1 chapstick from the dentists office
17. Hair things - which these are rather small for my mop.... Maybe that's why they are in there?
18. 3 church bulletins - and a camp showcase program.
19. Beads!!!! (If you want to donate $ to Fount of Mercy - we have beads here at our home you will receive!)
20. Change....that hails from all over the world....but, I have never been to these places....
21. Receipts, receipts, receipts........
22. Wallet
23. My cotton pad round carrying thing, which I keep my iPhone ear buds in! (I also use a different one for traveling... it's great for holding earrings or a couple necklaces!)
24. 3 pairs of glasses - my fake glasses to make me feel smart. My "I couldn't find my sunglasses, so I ran into Target to buy a pair" and my fake Smith aviators...that the lenses pop out all the time, while driving. It's so cool.
25. Tupelo To Go magnet - that should be on the fridge?
26. Empty gum "box" ......

Whew! That's a LOT of stuff! Are you still with me? Hello???

Later this week, I will be giving away one of my bags! Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my Ashley! Not only to I LOVE everything you pin on Pinterest, we seem to have similar purse contents! I'll take a Ticonderoga over a Mont Blanc any day! ;-)

  2. I need to clean out my purse soon!! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. LOL! Isn't amazing how much we can stuff in there? I mean, I think I may have packed a small animal in my bag at one point in my life...