Sprinkle Candles!

These candles are so fun to have on your table. You can't not smile when you see them!

I have this grand idea of "sprinkling" candles each season - a set for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, and for the MOST sacred, St. Valentine's Day. You could also throw in St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day - any holiday!

Let's get started.....

If you are wondering, that is Christmas in a Cup, aka Chai Latte & my smoothie I have almost every morning.

You will need some candles, preferably unscented ones! (Using scented candles on your dining table diffuses your sense of taste.... Just a quick fun tip!) Grab some sprinkles from your cabinet, craft glue, some dishes to "sprinkle" upon, a brush, and some newspaper.

Line your workspace with newspaper - easy clean up!

Draw a line of glue down you candle - spread around with your brush

Sprinkle your jimmies onto the candle - I just sprinkle them straight from the container, they go EVERYWHERE, so be sure and have a "catch all" beneath the candle. Continue adding glue and sprinkles all the way around the candle. HOPEFULLY you end up with something darling, like this:

This would be a great craft to make at a girls birthday party - or a craft night with the ladies! These also make perfect gifts for new homeowners. Great decoration for a wedding shower or baby shower.

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